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5 reasons why men love knowing The Rules

5 reasons why men love knowing The Rules There is something about knowing The Rules of the game are which appeals to a man. Whether it is football, cricket, politics, relationships or just in life, a man loves knowing The Rules. Go to any pub or bar and you will find...

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The Rules

The Rules by Jack Adams ...a book for men about the life of being a man. Sometimes we could all do with a reference point from which we can steer our lives. I have used The Rules in many conversations with other men as a tool of reference when confronting...

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The treasures of the Book Fair 11.03.18

There is little that is more enjoyable than going to an antiquarian book fair. If you love books, if you love old books, then an antiquarian book fair is a wonderland for you. I have been going to one book fair which is held every second Sunday of the...

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Why are these books so important?

Why are these books so important to us in the here and now. Jack Adams has a collection of antiquarian books which are completely valueless. I collect books , old books, torn and sometimes coverless books. You can pick these up for as little as £2 at...

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Cheapside Cross in 1547

Cheapside Cross in 1547 from page 313 of Old and New London by Walter Thornbury Volume I published in 1897 by Cassell & Company, Limited. The volume comes from the library collection of Jack Adams. The image carries the notation: CHEAPSIDE CROSS, AS IT...

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Ludgate Circus and Lambeth Palace

Ludgate Circus and Lambeth Palace from circa 1900 in the book 350 Views of London published by Parnell & Co., 63, Southampton Row, Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C.. This book is in the library collection of Jack Adams. The images themselves come from...

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