We cannot resist the call of immortality.

We find our most accessible path towards that impossible dream in the form of poetry.

Poetry is the human resistance to mortality.

A literary device through which the music of being is communicated and life celebrated.

The Beginning of the Universe as told by Mrs Rupert Bear

The Beginning of the Universe (as told by Mrs Rupert Bear) This was my first poem, written in 1991. Written to a brief for The Independent newspaper weekly poetry competition, it won first prize. Rupert Bear Annuals had always appeared in my Christmas stocking as a...


Dreams We all dream, that is a certainty, but we do not all remember our dreams and those of us who do remember do not remember all of them. These dreams are strange because when we are dreaming it all seems so real. Such reality is strange because we know that the...


Mine is a poem about the idea that we are all balancing on the ledge of eternity extracting our moments of life from the universe. Just one step forward and we are plunged into infinity without any chance of again touching the firm ground of being. We are all part of...
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