The Grail Quest by Jack Adams book cover

The Grail Quest by Jack Adams

This work has been built on more than 20 years of research and practice and has proven an easy and flexible tool when utilised to assist men facing challenges. The value of this work is that it is simple to comprehend and easy to then apply.

The Grail Quest is the second volume in The MANual series by Jack Adams. In this volume, the subject is an interpretation of the Arthurian Grail Quest as a metaphorical map for life. The work takes the six stages of The Grail Quest, as proposed by Joseph Campbell, and develops each into understandings of the different life challenges we all meet. In this way, it is possible to comprehend any situation a man finds himself in using one of these six stages. This provides a solid viewpoint of current challenges but also the knowledge of what is needed to be done to move forward.

The Grail Quest first sets out to provide a brief and easily read the history of the legend together with a description of how this can be seen as a ‘map’. From this starting point, each of the six stages is described and analysed. Once the history and structure are revealed then the book goes on to present the ‘map’ and demonstrate how it can be used today.

Each stage of The Grail Quest defines the key issues in the challenge being faced. The stage also identifies the nature of those challenges, the reason why they exist and thereby defining the actions required to move on in life. As in the original story, the goal for the hero knight is to bring harmony to his life and his world.

Our societies and cultures are all changing at a speed never before known. The MANual series is specifically written for men to help them navigate what is sometimes a confusing and challenging world. Being a ‘male’ in our current times is to possess a gender identity some are now describing as ‘toxic’. Such discourses do nothing to help men or society. Whilst it is true that the history of male patriarchy carries some heavy burdens of responsibility, most men just want to live decent lives, raise families and live in a partnership of happiness with their woman. However, many men lose their way, some fail to understand their life in terms of their responsibilities and for a great deal depression and unhappiness results.

The message of The MANual series is that we men have to take responsibility for our own actions. We have to be both brave and honest and be adult males. In order to be that we need to understand some of the fundamentals of our own lives.

The Grail Quest provides a man with a legend he can relate to; the hero knight. The six stages provide a simple structure for navigating the challenges of life. Things that can be confusing suddenly become a lot clearer when you have the map!