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Understanding Pre-Historical Human Cultures of Knowledge

Understanding Prehistorical Human Cultures of KnowledgeAn interesting paper has recently been led by Martin Sweatman of the University of Edinburgh. Entitled: Decoding European Palaeolithic Art: Extremely Ancient Knowledge of Precession of the Equinoxes,...

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Stress in the workplace

Stress in the workplace is almost at epidemic proportions especially in academic and professional environments. People are feeling bullied and undervalued, their lives at work are a misery and they feel trapped in an adult life they do not want but cannot...

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Theresa May Peace of Mind in Our Time

Theresa May Peace of Mind in Our TimeThe main thing about May's deal is that it is possibly the worst example of leadership in international negotiations in the 21st century. Maybe some other leader will make an even bigger mess over the next 82 years but...

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How a mind virus works.

How a mind virus works.Human beings love to think that their actions are the consequence of their own independent thinking.But is this really so?When we are talking about a mind virus we are describing an idea which has come from outside of ourselves and...

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Comparative Mythology as Method

Comparative Mythology as MethodThe following post is an introduction to looking at Comparative Mythology as a study method and considering the structure of its possible methodologies. The purpose of this post is to lead on to an article and create a...

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The Secrets of a Map

The Secrets of a Map Life can be seen as a journey into the unknown. Like most travellers going to where they have never been before, the journey is easier if you make use of a map. The Grail Quest is a map for the journey of life. The design of this map...

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