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Our English pubs are more riddled with history than they are with woodworm. However, as with all histories, we need to ask critical questions about what we believe versus what is actually real. In the words ‘Pub History Disney World’ we are looking at an idea of history set against an idea of business marketing. One thing is not necessarilly the other.

The British Pathe Video is about a pub which is in “The Old Scrapbook” and helps to develop the story behind the mystery which is the puzzle that the book poses. Watch the video and then read on if you want to start to solve the conundrum.

An old 1950’s British Pathe video about a pub which sells stamps. What has that got to do with the idea of Pub History Disney World? Well, if you own or have read a copy of “The Old Scrapbook” you would already know what is happening here. But if you do not then let’s help with a clue.

Pub History Disney World 2

One page from the archive of “The Old Scrapbook“, an interactive Pub History Mystery. A puzzle within a maze within a conundrum which any history buff would love to solve. As with all history detection we have to go back to basics; Pub History Disney World. to solve the puzzle you have to do some research but can you find the answer if you do not have a copy of the book?

Well why not give you a clue? If you can follow the lead then you will find that not everything is as it appears to be. That is the beauty of “The Old Scrapbook”, there are pages and pages of historical pub history archive which can lead you into all sorts of unexpected directions.

Pub History Disney World 3

Don’t stop now.

Note well what the article from the Scrapbook says, hear what the video says.

Look for the clue right here full stop!!

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