Stories 1

My stories are all works of fiction. The narrators and characters have no relation to any living person in what they do or what they say. None of them represent my own personal insights or thoughts, their voices are their own and exist only in our shared imagination.


Stories 2

So what! How a mind virus works

An inoculation against the sickness of mind control will always require awareness of the disease.

They were really a harmless couple in many ways, strange yes, unusual, seemingly but definitely not a threat to anyone but themselves.

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Stories 3

Food for Thought

Some days are big days. Some days are small days. Some days are just ordinary days. Being able to tell what sort of a day you faced was a skill that William Fletcher-Jones prided himself on.

“Knowing your day is about planning and efficiency and that means to know yourself.”

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Stories 4


Water has memory you know. You can’t wash away your own history, it doesn’t fade, it doesn’t disappear because water has memory and we are 60% water. Our evils are in our own water. They form a grease, a slim, which grows a repugnant skin over that liquid memory, repelling all attempts to clean away our past. Our water can never forget no matter how we, in our little minds, form our deceptions.

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