5 reasons why men love knowing The Rules

There is something about knowing The Rules of the game are which appeals to a man. Whether it is football, cricket, politics, relationships or just in life, a man loves knowing The Rules. Go to any pub or bar and you will find someone in there discussing The Rules about one thing or another.

“No, mate, when you are buying a car there are certain things you should know!”

“I’m telling you, you can’t trust that bloke he just doesn’t know how to play the game!”

“Watch out for her, she plays away from home!”

“Me, my family always come first!”

Whatever it is, a man likes to know that he is dealing with the people he knows on an even playing field. Having The Rules does not bind him but gives him a point of reference from which he can take on anything in life.

Here are the 5 main reasons a man loves The Rules

1.   A man does not want to be taken advantage of. No man likes to be a victim in life.

Knowing The Rules means a man is no-one’s patsy

2.   A man likes to be a role model for his children. No man wants to be a bad father. Men want their children to rely on him and know he is there for them.

 Knowing The Rules supports a man as a father

3.   A man wants to be respected. He wants to be known in his community and looked up to. No man wants to be seen as a dead weight.

Knowing The Rules gains a man’s self-respect

4.   A man wants to be his own man. No man wants to deceive himself. No man wants to sell out his life.

Knowing The Rules keeps a man true to himself

5.   A man wants to be respected. No man wants to talk bullshit or hear it.

Knowing The Rules means a man knows what he is talking about

If a man doesn’t know the rules then he is lost.
If a man doesn’t have rules then he is stumbling.
If a man hasn’t got rules then he is selling his life short.
Rear cover of book The MANual: the rules.
The MANual book cover