The MANual by Jack Adams

Book One: The Rules

There have been many books like this one in recent years so why is The MANual so different? Simply put, the writing behind this book has not come out of an academy of psychology, the writer is not a media celebrity professor convinced of his own intellectual superiority but a man who has faced many challenges in his life.

This book is written directly from experience and what is more, over the past 30 years many men have relied on this work to help focus and guide their lives.

The best way for a man to become mature is to understand the challenges he faces in life. Many men never make it to maturity and are trapped in a raging adolescence like flies trapped in a web.

Rear cover of book The MANual: the rules.
The MANual book cover

This is a work written with some humour but designed as a serious compass for guiding a man’s life. Buying this helps to keep my work going connects you into a lot of what is  behind Mythologies by Jack Adams.

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