The MANual book cover

The MANual: book one, the rules. (2021)

This is the new edition of what was originally published in 2018 as “The Rules”. The new edition was necessary because I felt the first book needed ‘tidying up’ and a bit more polish to it.

I have added some extra material both written and visual. I am particularly happy with the addition of ‘advertising’ within the new edition. As you will have guessed, this inclusion is nothing to do with commerce and everything to do with humour.

Humour is really important, we need it in every day of our lives. There is nothing sadder than to see a man robbed of laughter. There is nothing more tragic than to see a man who takes himself so seriously that he is unable to laught at his own situation.

Laughter and humour are the armour of a properly matured adult male.

Rear cover of book The MANual: the rules.