Theresa May Peace of Mind in Our Time

The main thing about May’s deal is that it is possibly the worst example of leadership in international negotiations in the 21st century. Maybe some other leader will make an even bigger mess over the next 82 years but it is really hard to see Theresa being knocked off of her historic position.

May was a disaster at the Home Office, managed to loose a healthy parliamentary majority by calling an unrequired election, reportedly without consultation with her colleagues, and then has spent two years failing to play a strong hand to full advantage.

All of this is a dreadful indictment of her leadership qualities but our honourable Prime Minister has gone one better by, once having completely surrendered our sovereignty to the E.U., then thinking that pushing her politically bankrupt deal through parliament against all opposition is a good idea from any perspective. That she cannot see a flawed and hopeless strategy, persists with a position bound to fail cannot and never will be the qualification for negotiating with the E.U.

Absolutely shockingly poor leadership from start to finish.