We all dream, that is a certainty, but we do not all remember our dreams and those of us who do remember do not remember all of them. These dreams are strange because when we are dreaming it all seems so real. Such reality is strange because we know that the dreamer is just one person, one point of view, and everything in the dream is created by this dreamer. This leads us to ask that if dreams appear real does reality appear to be a dream?


Soft silent sentinels of sleep,
into these treasured slumbers seep.

To dream a world no more than sky,
whose form is seen by blinded eye.

And all the view an inward sea
and every word is said by me.

From inner landscapes seldom clear,
will all my actors so appear.

An unctuous host adrift my brain,
unconscious ghosts I gift as sane.

For in the womb of every night,
all I am I set to flight.


We are told that our dreams are important to our well being. We are even told that it is possible to learn how to manipulate our dreams. We can take vitamins to help us remember our dreams. There is much about the process of dreaming which endears itself to our waking imagination.

The early human socities of this Earth, the indigenous peoples, all have a deep respect for dreams and see them as part of the spiritual nature not just of people but of the whole of existence. The visions of saints and mystics are told of within theological texts as the dreams of the divine.

Such metaphysical interpretations of dreams exist because they occur when we are asleep. That strange part of our life where our perceptions close down, our thoughts become quiet and we experience, well actually we don’t experience and that is the point, what in times past was called ‘the little death’.

In the timeless space of this unconsciousness, suddenly we start to come alive again without actually regaining full consciousness. In this false waking we are unaware that we are not awake. We believe the places we find ourselves in to be real. We believe the people we meet in those places to also be real. We talk with them and they (not us) speak back to us. yet on waking, we realise that all of what we saw and heard was generated by our own thoughts, it was all us.

This is where things become interesting. When another in a dream spoke to us we did not first ‘think’ their words, their speech just ‘came out’. We didn’t think about building the landscape or setting within which we walked, it just appeared. Somehow we managed within our own conscious being to keep from ourselves the fact that we were creating the ‘reality’ around us. In our dreams we are certain of their own integrity, we are certain that they are real.

In our waking reality we share the same certainty of the genuine nature of our own experience, the reality of the universe we perceive. Our science tells another story however. Once we look beyond the atomic structure we find that everything, absolutely everything, even your thoughts, even your dreams, is made from particles of energy. In this field of particles you can see no difference between a table and your own body, even the air in between, it all looks the same.

The multiverse, for the universe we see, touch and feel is not just one thing but part of something much greater than what we know, is not a reality for us. Our dreams are just a gateway into starting to understand that our own consciousness is not just about us. We are part of everything else.

We are the multiverse glancing in its own mirror. We are the universe taking a step away from being everything and creating a small moment of something specific through which it can see it’s own beauty. We are that small moment, every individual 60 years or so of seemingly separate existence, a human life, is the multiverse taking a peek behind its own curtain.

The benefit is that you and I get to be that moment, we are gifted with the life of that glance into the mirror, that peek behind the curtain. Now that is the stuff of dreams.



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